WARNING: Do not even think about buying Solo Ads until you read this
Have you ever heard someone recommend solo ads along those lines:
"Keep buying solo ads and you will be making hundreds a day in no time!"
This is often the advice given to people starting in affiliate or network marketing by various courses or programs that you have joined.

But after buying your first clicks, spending $100 or more, you are disappointed because you didn't get a sale or less sales than you expected.

Are you asking yourself: Did I choose the right solo ads vendor? 

Do you feel like you could make a better use of the traffic you are getting, but you can't pinpoint exactly what to improve?

Solo Ads can work and be a fantastic source of traffic in the right circumstances. At Traffic Domination, we have seen hundreds of offers that convert great and hundreds that do poorly. The differences between those who succeed are clear. To succeed you need to understand:

- What solo ads can and cannot do
- How to best utilize solo ad traffic and actually MAKE IT WORK
- How to plan testing and the budget
- Understand the importance of testing and long-term cooperation with vendors
- How to spot fake vendors
- And more!
This is how Ultimate Solo Ad Buying Guide was born
Traffic Domination founder, Wayne Crowe, has been selling directly to MLM companies and multiple network marketing clients for years. 
One of his recent deals (as of March 2018) involves delivering 500,000 clicks to a new MLM company.
That's right, half a million clicks. Deals like that were made possible through his dedication to buyer education and working with all types of clients on optimizing and split testing.

The experiences he gathered through his 10 years of online presence are now available to you in order to take your solo ads experience and your business to the next level.

How much is this worth to you?

A guide like this can easily be sold at $27. After all, you are able to share it with whoever you please and get immense value from the techniques and knowledge inside. More than likely, you will earn the cost of the ebook several times over.

However, the inception of Traffic Domination was to inspire a change in solo ads industry and move towards value based approach. In the pursuit of providing as much value as possible to the solo ads community we want our free materials to be better than most people's paid products.

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, Ultimate Solo Ad Buying Guide is available for FREE to all interested in making the most of their solo ads campaigns. 

This is for people who are committed to improving their business, improving their results and those looking to go the extra mile and PROFIT FROM IT.
See what Solo Ad Sellers are saying about
The Ultimate Solo Ad Buying Guide
"After the first two pages, I knew this book was going to be gold. There is so mach value packed into this thing. Whether your a novice to solo ads or a seasoned warrior, you are going to pick up something worth your time. I totally recommend giving it a read."
- Marcus

"As a traffic supplier and solo ads seller I love this new eBook.
It will help my clients know not only what to expect from buying a solo ad, but also what they can do to increase their success rate with them.
Covering everything from the opt in page, tracking, sales, all the way to to the follow up email series and more, this e-book explains eveything the solo ad purchaser needs to know in easy to understand terms.
My clients, both experienced and those brand new to internet marketing, will benefit greatly from this new tool."
- David

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